Victoria Hospital Incorporated is a Medical Charity set up to assist Bailiwick of Guernsey residents with medical and medically-related expenses.

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The Victoria Hospital Incorporated ("VHI") charity is able to provide funds to meet medical, medically-related or other costs in order to assist individuals or families affected by medical conditions.

Examples of the types of payment made include:

Who can Claim?

VHI assists residents of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, who may make a claim for assistance for themselves and for their families.

Making a claim.

Claims for assistance have to be made by submitting a completed VHI claim form (detailing the nature of the claim and the claimant's personal circumstances)

Completing the VHI claim form

You may either:

If you require any assistance in completing this form, please contact us.

You can also speak to your Doctor’s Practice, Health Visitor, Social Worker or Care Organisation if you would like them to make a claim on your behalf.

Granting claims

After investigation and corroboration of the claim, your claim for assistance will be considered by the Committee who meet six times a year. Where help is required urgently, emergency grants can be considered immediately.

The Committee may also direct claimants to other sources of assistance, for example by directing claimants to the Committee for Employment and Social Security who administer a range of statutory and means tested benefits including Income SupportTravel Allowance Grant (TAG) and Travel Expenses Assistance Scheme (TEAS).

All information provided to the Committee is treated as confidential, and is not discussed further save with the relevant medical professionals, and Social Security, where appropriate and only with your permission.

Examples of assistance given

An elderly man had to retire early due to ill health. His wife went out to work to provide additional funds to supplement their meagre pensions. She suffered an accident resulting in a charge for an emergency call out of an ambulance. An annual membership of SJA had not been taken out due to lack of funds. VHI covered the cost of the emergency call out.

A mature lady was being sent to Southampton Hospital for urgent treatment by air ambulance. A relative was able to accompany her on the flight and Social Security agreed to cover the cost of the return flight. There was no certainty that an apartment would be free in the units available to relatives and we were asked to provide funds for accommodation and out of pocket expenses. The relative was unemployed and on Income Support. VHI provided an emergency grant to cover these costs.

A young hardworking married couple with a three year old child were just coping with their outgoings including a mortgage. The mother had to undergo surgery and on returning home needed to recuperate. The father could not afford to stay at home and there was no family to help look after the young child. VHI agreed to cover the cost of sending the child for a period to a playgroup for three mornings a week to enable the mother to get some much needed rest.

A single man in his 20's, suffered a road accident resulting in A & E treatment and subsequent surgery. He was employed on a zero hour contract and thus had no sick pay. The A & E charge and subsequent visits to his doctor left him with a substantial outstanding bill. When working he contributed a third of his income towards the maintenance cost of his invalid mother in the UK. His gross earnings were such that they took him above the levels at which Social Security would provide assistance. VHI provided help to clear the medical bills.